Reaction Time Calculator
Initial Speed

(10 - 800 fps)
Arrow Weight

(50 - 1000 grains)
1 (0 - 60 Yards)
5 (0 - 120 Yards)
Yellow Lines Below Indicate That The Target Can Be
Moving Before The Arrow Reaches The Target.

Red Lines Below Indicate That The Target Has Dropped More Than 8 Iinches Before The Arrow Reaches The Target
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About This Calculator
Do animals “Jump the String”? That debate may never be settled. This calculator is based on the thought that they can and many times do. Humans have an average reaction time to a sound of 0.15 seconds to a noise. It is difficult to measure a deer's reaction time without some very expensive equipment that neither DDB or OGH have or can afford. It is assumed that the deer's reaction time is faster than a humans and is at about 0.1 second. Thus this calculator uses 0.1 second within its calculations. Furthermore the deer's hearing is similar to a humans, but they can hear ultra high frequencies, which means that they may hear the arrow as it flies through the air.
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