POI Error Calculator
Shooting Distance

(10 - 100 yards)
Inches Off

(1/4 - 3 inches)
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About This Calculator
Do you ever wonder how far your shot is going to be off?
This calculator can be used to help you determine how far your horizontal point of aim (aka windage) will be off.
The results are based on your input (default is 20 yards and ½ inches). How far are you going to be off at 50 yards?
This calculator uses Newton’s First Law of Motion which basically states that unless there is an outside force, i.e. wind, the arrow is going to travel in the direction it was shot and the calculations are based on no outside forces.
The results are from 5 yards to 100 yards in 5-yard increments.
Even though the results go out to 100 yards, neither Death By Bunjie nor Old Grumpy Hunter are recommending taking a 100-yard shot at an animal.
Remember Crossbow hunting is an Up Close and Personal type of hunting.
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