Greenbriar, Delta & Rutland
An  N-Scale Empire want-a-be
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Operating Plan

Not really the same as the track plan

When compared to the Track Plan you will see the trains will pass by some customers
as if they were not there before servicing customers.


This is a switching layout.  Trains consist of 1 or 2 locos and 5 - 7 cars (passing sidings are short).   Beside the siding length others factors of the number of cars per train are the number of axels of the locomotives along with the physical weight of the model loco and the tight curves.

Operating as an out and back (primary operating type) SEE A workday on the GD&R

Leaving the yard, Turn (train) 1 will take the right leg of the wye and make 2 complete laps around the loop before entering the Brunk Industrial District and working customers 1 - 3 & the Team Track.

Turn 2 will take the left leg of the wye when leaving the yard and make 2 complete loops before working Customer 8. When finished with Customer 8 the train will make another complete loop and work Customer 6. When finished there will make one more loop and work customers 5 and 7. After running around the train, will make 4 complete loops before entering the yard.

Turn 3 will follow the same route as Turn 1 as it leaves the yard. After making 2 complete loops it will service customer 9 and then head on to customer 10. After using the passing siding and running the loco around the train, Turn 3 will work customer 11 and the interchange. After working both of them, the train will head back towards the yard, working customer 4. After working customer 4 the train will make 2 complete loops before entering the yard.

The purpose of making the laps around the layout is to provide the suggestion of distance between customers.